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Apr 20 '12

Handwriting Analysis

Due to the legally sensitive nature of the post below lets all just say this MIGHT have happened.

Several months after my father passed away my sister was still in our hometown taking care of the important things that need to be done when a loved one dies unexpectedly. Because I could not be there in person I felt like I wasn’t doing enough to get my father’s estate in order but my sister and the rest of the family assured me that they could take care of things.

Once all of the major issues were dealt with my sister needed a break so I invited her to fly out to Los Angeles to spend a few weeks at my house; this would give her a chance to relax and we’d all be able to talk about the unexpected insanity of the previous six months.

My sister arrived in LA on a May afternoon with her clothes, her laptop and a shoebox which she explained was full of candy and homemade brownies. She made it very clear that I was welcome to eat all of the candy but not the brownies because they were not just any brownies…they were special brownies (wink, wink).

My wife and I looked at my sister in shock; not because she had brought pot brownies into our house, that was fine. We just couldn’t believe that she had actually brought it through airport security and onto the plane.

She explained that she didn’t want to worry about buying any in a town where she didn’t have any connections so it was just easier that way. My wife and I explained that we lived in a neighborhood with more marijuana dispensaries than gas stations but it was too late. Besides, my sister had already slipped through the TSA unnoticed and nothing could stop her now. 

Still, we were shocked. My sister explained that there was never any reason to worry.

She opened up the box to show us that she had disguised the shoebox containing the brownies as an Easter basket from our grandmother. The brownies were under the plastic grass, which was covered in candy, and itunes gift card and a card that said “Happy Easter from Grandma” on the envelope.

My wife and I had to admit that it looked right, the itunes gift card was an inspired touch, and we couldn’t argue with the results. Still there was one thing that bothered me and I had to say something. I told my sister:

"I can’t believe security didn’t catch you…that’s not grandma’s handwriting."

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